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Pennsylvania Vacation Homes for Sale

PA Ski Vacation Homes for SaleOur Poconos PA real estate professionals can put you in touch with the best deals in Pennsylvania Vacation Homes For Sale in the Pocono Mountains of PA These homes include ski homes, Pennsylvania lake homes, lakeview homes, and Pennsylvania hunting cabins. Interested in buying a Pennsylvania Vacation home or interested in a PA Vacation Rental? In our 39 years in the Poconos Mountains we have run across any number of issues that Vacation Home buyers and sellers should consider prior to buying or selling a home in Pennsylvania. .

PA Vacation Home communities with dues are not necessarily a good buy. Consider purchasing a home in a Pennsylvania vacation community when you are sure the cost of the amenities will provide value for you and your family. Consider dues as additional taxes. If you do not use the services, why pay the tax (dues)? If you find value in the pool, tennis court and clubhouse for your children, consider it.

In the country or in town? If you want to live in town, you will probably end up in an older home requiring more maintenance and closer neighbors. If in the country, you will contend with a drive of a few miles for basic shopping, but probably have more space and privacy.

Resale or new? If you enjoy tinkering and fixing, a used Pennsylvania Vacation home is more likely your choice. But, some of you fixers are going to find out you just can not find the house you want in the resale market ... and you'll be converted to building a new vacation home in Pennsylvania.

Decide on why to you want to buy -- Your current house too small? Just need to get away more often? Coming to the Pocono mountains in PA a lot and want to save on hotel bills? Down The Shore too expensive? Need a tax deduction? Like the idea of tenants paying your mortgage? Kids like to ski? Always dreamed of living on a lake in Pennsylvania ? Weigh your decision and consider your reasons when choosing a home.

Rent it or use it for yourself only: Decide in advance if renting your Pennsylvania Vacation home is important to you. If so, the location of your new rental home is the important factor to consider. The best rental homes are adjacent to ski mountains. This is a supply and demand issue. Skiers pay more to be near the slopes. See The Pennsylvania Rental Home website for information on seasonal variations in rental rates. Many homes are rented by the homeowners themselves by placing ads in newspaper and online sites. Some very successfully.

Where to Buy --Pennsylvania lakefront, lake rights, river front, view, proximity to ski slopes, stream side, tennis courts, social activities at a clubhouse are some of the amenities that might drive you to a particular home. Expect to a pay different a premium for each these choices. Pennsylvania Lakefront homes can average $40-50,000 more than lake view for the same home. Views of ski slopes and long mountain ivews go fro $20-50,000 more than non view homes. .

Most "gated" communities and a few ungated "Vacation" neighborhoods have tennis and pool(s) some indoor and some outdoor.

How to Buy - Find an agent who has been around a LLLLLLooonnngg time. Someone who is familiar with all the neighborhoods and their amenities and reputations. Expect to spend some time looking, unless you have specific desires (lakefront, long view, close to skiing, or distance to New Jersey or New York City. If you are wanting one of these, there will only be a few on the market and you will want to act somewhat quickly when you find one that suits you.) Call USA Realty at 570 517 2428 to speak to an experienced Pennsylvania Vacation Home Agent.

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Pennsylvania Vacation Homes for Sale

Our Pocono PA MLS search enables you to browse local vacation homes for sale and get a sense of the market before you buy or sell. Every vacation home for sale from every real estate broker in the Eastern Pennsylvania region is listed and updated every day right here Whether you're looking for luxury second homes, lake homes, ski homes, foreclosures, or fixer uppers you'll find them here.

Pennsylvania Vacation Home Values

Vacation home values in the Easter part of Pennsylvania are often more consistent than in other regions. Communities throughout the region, specifically the mountain areas and prominent luxury developments in Lake Naomi, Timber Trails, Saw Creek, Arrowhead Lakes, Bear Creek, Skytop, Lake Wallenpaupack, and Buck Hill have remained fairly steady price-wise, with slight value decreases.

Pennsylvania Vacation Real Estate News

Mortgage News for Pennsylvania Vacations Homes:

Expect to pay more for financing a vacation home than you would on a primary home. Banks require either more down or a higher interest rate on a second home. Terms are generally 20 - 25 years. Many people purchase a second home with an equity loan on their primary residence. There may be some tax advantages to owning a second or vacation home (see your accountant).

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